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YOUR Immersive Live ASMR Venue SOUTHSEA

I believe this to be the first immersive LIVE ASMR venue within Southsea so let me explain how this came about…

Since I can remember, the sounds of pages being turned, glass being tapped, light tickles and gentle whispers has had a relaxing tingling effect on me, and while some friends enjoyed similar enjoyment of having their hair brushed, many would look quizzically at me; I thought I was weird, turns out, there are many of us and weird we are not!

For those of you new to the world of ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) it is the term used to describe the tingling sensation that spreads throughout your body in response to audio and visual triggers as well as close personal attention such as hair brushing.

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How Did ASMR STart?

It is believed the term ASMR was coined back in 2010 by Jennifer Allen who made a Facebook group wanting to find out more about the phenomenon. Although research into the benefits of ASMR are still new and ongoing, it is suggested that inducing ASMR could potentially help to relieve symptoms of stress by lowering the blood pressure and increasing endorphins, our happy hormone! It is hopeful that moving forward, research will show the therapeutic benefits to include the ease of insomnia, depression and anxiety symptoms.

The ASMR trend is huge online, so, along with thousands of ASMRers across the globe, I can be found enjoying one of the 5.2 million videos on YouTube most evenings. Whispers Red Emma Smith was my first ASMR discovery and still one of my all-time favourites along with Gentle Whispering; Maria Viktorovna

A Bit About Me

I worked as a fully trained Swedish Masseuse for many years and would often joke that I would pay good money to just have my back tickled or hair brushed whilst listening to spa music. I have searched as, I believe, have many others, as to where I can enjoy Live ASMR close to home, only to discover there is nowhere… so here it is…Your Immersive  ASMR Live Lounge.

Situated on the South coast, your Immersive ASMR Live Lounge can be found within The Beauty Clinic at 106 Marmion Road, Southsea, PO5 2BB. Your Time for You indulgence begins from the moment you enter this, your very own ASMR sanctuary: the sights, sounds and smells will ignite your senses as you begin to unwind and anticipate the tingles to come.

As a fully trained Hypnosis practitioner and registered with the GHR, each menu begins with a gentle guided relaxation preceding the treatment of your choice.

I have 7 main menus (please click on the menu tab for a full treatment description) plus a Mini Treat Menu for those of you with less time, but don’t want to miss out!

You will see I use a small amount of imagination work throughout the menu choices, this is purely because I don’t actually apply any lotions to your body but wish for you to enjoy the sensations triggered by the making of masks and skin ointments. You are in no way expected to participate; this is your time to lie back and enjoy full tingle attention!

Thank you for spending some time with me, I hope you have a tingle-tastic day!


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Mon to Thurs 5pm Onwards
Fri and Sat 8.30am Until Late

Unfortunately I can not offer mobile or visiting treatments.



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