training & consultation for the beauty, cosmetics, spa, and wellness industries

The ASMR Live Lounge is entering its second year and steadily expanding. 

The growth exceeded my expectations, impacting both physical and online realms positively. You’ve played a significant role and I am hugely appreciative of your support. A heartfelt “Thank You!” for joining me on this journey!

Excitingly, I’m now extending to offer training and consultations for the beauty, cosmetics, spa, and wellness industries. Learn to infuse ASMR into your treatments, enhancing relaxation for your clients.
Consultations occur at your workplace, allowing tailored training based on your existing treatments. We’ll delve into what ASMR is, discuss intentions, speed, flow, and its effects on individuals.
I’ll teach techniques to incorporate ASMR sensations into your treatments. You’ll experience an ASMR Live Lounge one hour menu for yourself, explore Tingle Triggers, and have the opportunity to purchase these for your clients.

Let’s bring ASMR beyond screens! Experience its real and relaxing benefits first-hand. Embrace the ASMR live experience – This is your time!

The five-hour training day is flexible, ending with a Tingle Trigger Training Certificate.

Individual consultancy is £249 with team training prices varying on size (please ask for details).

Travel fees may apply based on distance.

Reach out if you or someone you know is interested in mastering instrumental ASMR techniques for clients.

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