The ASMR Live Lounge is growing rapidly, and I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and visits. I love meeting so many of our gorgeous ASMR community!

I’ve realised that many of my supporters are from around the world and can’t experience the live ASMR sessions in person. To accommodate this, I’ve decided to offer Live Online sessions so everyone can enjoy the same experience.

These sessions will be live video calls where I perform roleplay videos similar to those in the ASMR Live Lounge.
After much consideration, I believe I can provide a comparable experience offering you personalised attention designed to trigger your ASMR and relaxation.
The menus I’ve selected include hair focus, face focus, mask making, and application; mirroring my live ASMR menus.

To start, I am offering the Radiance menu. In this session, I will use a hair prop to create the soothing sounds of brushing. Following the same process as the live sessions, you will enjoy a hair and scalp assessment, mask making and application, delivering all your tingle triggers.

The second menu is the Awakening menu, which focuses on your face. In this session, I will simulate working directly on your face, allowing you to enjoy smooth motions and movements. This menu also includes a gentle facial skin assessment before the mask making and application, mirroring the original live Awakening menu.

The third menu is the Make Up Believe menu. This session is a makeup roleplay where I will cleanse and moisturise your skin before applying makeup.

Each menu is designed to provide personal attention and trigger your ASMR tingles for ultimate relaxation.

The Live Online menus last 45 minutes long for £35. This must be paid upfront on booking.

I am extremely excited for this new venture, it will be wonderful to meet so many more of you…the world is our oyster!


Take care, Kellie ♡